1noella_morantin_wooden_structure_chaiThe new structure built against the cliff
Compared la Tesnière where she had space here it’s very convenient, with the basement on exactly the level, allowing Noëlla to maneuver heaps with her forklift. As you can see the wooden structure is backed right on the hillside. This Noëlla is moving boxed of Sauvignon . They had a cement slab poured, with the wastewater recovery system that they oversaw with the local water services. I don’t know if the village administration is aware of this but yet another artisan vintner setting shop right in the middle of the village Will add to the fame of this village, along with the Unbelievable Roman ruins of Mazelles, a standing structure that has been built just outside Thésée 1900 years ago from the 2nd century…

1noella_morantin_unloading_sauvignonUnloading the Sauvignon

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